BACONLAND 2017 - Bacon Dish Competition Judges

For the Inaugural BACONLAND Festival, we've brought Instagram foodies to judge the bacon dishes from each participating food truck. Here are the categories the trucks will be judged on -

  • Best Of Show

  • Most Innovative (Creative/Unique/Bold/Craziest)

  • Most #Insta-Worthy (Photogenic)

  • Best Fusion (Mix of Cuisines)

  • Best "Bang-For-Your-Buck" (best portion)

  • The Baconator (Most Bacon Flavor)


@ieatsf - Eating my way through San Francisco/Bay Area. My motto in life: Less upsetti, more spaghetti :) 

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@kat.eats - Kat is a Bay Area foodie always on the hunt for delicious food and hidden gems. She lives (and works out) to eat and wishes her stomach could fit as much food in it as her eyes (and camera) can eat!

@tranpigout - I love to travel with friends and one of the biggest things that I always want to do is try all the different types of food in the world. For me, food is only way that makes me happy . "Goo Food is good mood " this is one of the quotes that can explain how much I love food. 

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@foodie.dreams - Rose is also a community leader for @bestfoodbayarea and curator for @bayareawhatsin. During her spare time, Rose loves exploring the Bay Area with fellow influencers/foodies.

Taco Festival of Innovation - Taco Competition Judges

This year we've brought the foodies to be part of the Taco Festival of Innovation and judge on these categories - 

  • Best Of Show

  • Most Innovative (Creative/Unique/Bold/Craziest)

  • Most #Insta-Worthy (Photogenic)

  • Best Fusion (Mix of Cuisines)

  • Best "Bang-for-your-Buck" (Best Portions)

  • Most Authentic (Authentically Mexican style)

Get to know them and check out their salivating food photos! Here are some of their latest posts.

@foodandsachi - "Bring me food and I'll make it look good" =)

@cravingscollective - "Food enthusiast & Certified believer in the 5 second rule"

@bragaboutelle - Michelle is a foodie, traveler and a dog lover. Her spirit animal is a dumpling. Michelle's perfect day would be laying on the beach in Hawaii while food is brought to her endlessly. But for now, Michelle spends her time eating hipster foods in the Bay Area.

@bayarea.foodies - "Hi, I'm Tim! I'm just a foodie that's addicted to all the food hypes and just so happens to carry a camera."

Have you met #SaltBae?

Turkish chef Nusret Gökce has taken the internet by storm with his meat cutting finesse and seasoning style that they call him #SaltBae. The style and cuts he brings to each of his posts make you want to visit his restaurants just to him perform this magic of the internet's favorite butcher. 

Brand New Moveable Feast Website

The brand new Moveable Feast website is here! We've worked our hungry stomachs off to simplify our interface to navigate our website in an efficient manner.

  • Find A Feast
    - Weekly Markets - Find out the Time, Days, & Maps to our various daily truck events
    - Vendors - A list of the current truck vendors that take part of providing feasts from markets, catering, and festivals.
    - Festivals - Links to our annual festivals - Taco Festival of Innovation & Bacon Festival of America
  • Start A Feast
    - Find general catering information about having food trucks at your events.
    - Get details on menu options, planning assistance, or lunch time pods program.
    - Form area to fill out your contact information for your next event.

- We've added live instant messaging service to the bottom of our website if you need an immediate response to any questions you may have when you visit.

- Updates to the website will be happening throughout the year.